Best Mascara Trick for Faking Fuller Lashes

Image by Fatmascara/Instagram

Mascara. Arguably the world’s most popular makeup product. Designed to make lashes longer, fuller and darker, mascara can work wonders on enhancing the entire appearance of eyes.

But whilst we’d all love to be blessed with naturally full, luscious lashes that only require a thin coat of mascara, we’re not all quite so lucky – many of us have short, stumpy lashes that mascara doesn’t seem to be able to help, no matter how many coats you apply.

Until now. The fact is, some lashes don’t achieve their full potential with mascara because most people simply aren’t using the right technique!


First, Curl Your Lashes

We get it, eyelash curlers look terrifying. Most people shy away from them thinking they’re painful to use, but that’s definitely not the case.

As long as you make sure the base of the curler is well away from your eyelid skin and onlytouching your lashes, the process of curling them will be painless. Curling your lashes will instantly give them a lift, essential if you want to achieve fuller looking lashes without wearing falsies.

Use Old Mascara

That’s right, once your lashes are curled and ready for your first coat, you should opt for an older, slightly drier mascara first. This drier formulation will add instant volume. And, unlike super liquidy mascaras, will allow your lashes to hold their new shape for much longer.

Then, Let the Mascara Magic Happen

After layering your dry mascara, switch to a newer, wetter mascara and use this on top. Not only will this separate your lashes, it will add some serious length – giving the illusion you’re wearing falsies!

The combination of these two separate mascaras will effortlessly add long-lasting volume, separation and length to your curled lashes, guaranteed to give that glamorous false-lash effect.