Top 5 Bridal trends in 2018 so Far–Meghan Markle’s Dress Included

Photo by Benjaminrobyn Jespersen on Unsplash

The Fall 2019 Collections week just ended in Paris. And while more than 450 collections were unveiled throughout the week-long festival, it’s hard to overlook the bridal trends. Very little has changed in the world of wedding dresses since spring last year. But there are some notable entries to this year’s collections.

The Meghan Markle Effect

Not one bridal wear has dominated this year’s fashion magazines more than Meghan Markle’s pick earlier in the year. The newly crowned Duchess opted for a minimalistic, short-train gown that focuses the attention on the bride. Meghan’s dress stood out for a royal wedding. And thanks to its splendid design, hundreds of designers are adopting the design.

Short, Beach Inspired Gowns

For brides inspiring to have a beach wedding, ditch the long dress. A short, brazen bridal is the new trend. Keep it classy with a stylish lace and a hemline that brings out your waistline perfectly.

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Wow Trains

Although some like Meghan Markle opted for a minimalistic dress, gowns that pay attention to the trains are back. Some have long, detachable trains while others are designed with semi-detachable trains. How you style the train is up to you. The goal of the trend is to make your dress have the most spectacular train.

Knots, Loops, and Ties

Everything people thought had disappeared in the world of bridal gowns seems to be coming back. Alongside long trains, the culture of accessories dresses with knots, loops and ties are catching on. From detailed sleeves to knots on the backside, brides are bringing back bows in gowns-and they look amazing.

Black Shades

Fashion icons have been trying to incorporate the black color into wedding gowns. And their efforts are finally succeeding. The most iconic dresses are white in color but with a touch of black somewhere in between. Whether it’s the train or the neckline, people are using black shades to add detail to their dresses.