Being an Introvert Shouldn’t Stop You From Giving Solo Travel a Chance

Solo travel
Photo by Agnieszka Boeske on Unsplash

Traveling solo requires a lot of courage and it can feel pretty scary if you’re an introvert. The prospect of hitting the road on your own, staying at hostels, and exploring bustling cities sounds terrifying when you’re a little bit shy, but there are many tips and tricks you can use to enjoy solo trips to the fullest even if you’re not extroverted.

Let People Come To You

Even if you’re not opposed to making friends when traveling, you probably struggle to make the first step. Luckily, you’ll encounter a lot of people during your travels that don’t have a problem with this, so let them come to you and be open to starting a conversation, without forcing things too much.

Do Your Own Thing

One of the biggest benefits of traveling on your own is that you can do your own thing, without endless conversations and potential conflicts with your friends and family. Traveling solo is incredibly freeing, so allow yourself to explore places and do things that you want to do, without other people making you change your plans.

Enjoy Your Alone Time

You won’t be so lonely when you’re exploring new places all day long, but how will you feel once you step inside? Your alone time will give you a chance to reflect on your journey and how far you’ve come, but you can also use it to journal, read, draw, watch a movie, or catch up with loved ones at home.