Beatrix Papp Illustrates Our Relationship with Phones

The talented graphic designer Beatrix Papp publishes an ongoing series of fun illustrations that explore how complicated the relationship with our phones has become over time. She posts the adorable illustrations on her Instagram page where her following is starting to grow.

“We use our phones, tablets, and notebooks everywhere in our lives. I try finding those moments when we can see their ubiquitousness as funny and likable,” the artist tells Bored Panda.

Papp is not the first artist to use this subject, but unlike many others, she doesn’t mean to criticize the way we use phones in virtually every situation. Instead, she points out how cute it can be and how phones naturally merged into our lives, not only taking away from them but also allowing for new experiences.

Phones can have so many different functions and we use them for various things – from timing something to watching movies, filming our pets doing fun things, and getting directions when we’re lost. Check out Papp’s point of view in the illustrations below and follow her on Instagram to see more.