Awesome Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

This time of year many of us buy a lot of wrapping paper, shiny ribbons and other items we need to make our gifts more beautiful. Most of these things are not recyclable and need hundreds of years to decompose, yet we throw it away the minute we open our presents.

If you want to reduce waste and use eco-friendly materials to wrap your gifts, we have a few awesome ideas.

Old paper

We all have a bunch of old paper in our homes, including old newspapers, used wrapping paper or pages of old books. All of this can be used for wrapping and it’ll give your gifts a special rustic vibe. Not to mention that paper itself is extremely versatile – you can use it to create roses, bows and other cute things.

Tote bags

A nice tote bag can be a perfect addition to any present, especially if you want to surprise your eco-conscious friend and save the environment.

Old fabric

Wrapping gifts in old fabrics you find in your home is the most original idea and a perfect way to give them a personal touch. You can use old shirts, old or new dish towels, leftover satin or lace – your imagination is the limit.