Artsy Hobbies You Can Try in a Small Apartment

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Exploring your artsy side is all fun and games when you live in a big house where you can find enough space to paint and store your art. Things tend to get a little bit trickier when you live in a tiny studio, but there are many artsy hobbies you can try even if your space is limited.


You don’t need designated space in your apartment to do embroidery because you can do it from the comfort of your couch. Your tools and materials will also be super easy to store, especially if you repeatedly use the same hoop and don’t buy more thread than you need at the time.

Pressing Flowers

If you have a lot of books at your apartment, how about using them to press flowers? You can later use them to create all sorts of interesting designs, or simply frame them and gift them to your friends and family after decorating your own apartment with your floral creations.

Drawing Notebook

Traditional paintings can require a lot of room, but that’s not the case with regular drawings. Just get a notebook and some colored pencils and use them to rediscover your love for art. Adult coloring books are also an option if drawing isn’t your strongest suit.