Artist Uses Snow to Create Beautiful Designs

61-year-old British artist Simon Beck has found a gorgeous and creative way to use mother nature to produce breathtaking art. 

Beck started making designs in the snow in 2004. He was hanging out in a ski resort in France when he decided to go on a walk to create a geometric design in the snow “just for fun.” When he hopped on the ski lift the next day, he discovered how beautiful his creation looked from above.

“Snow drawing, which to me seems like a fairly obvious idea, was not something anyone else had ever done as far as I could tell, and I was really surprised by that,” he said in an interview.

The artist’s work sure is unique, but it isn’t always easy. Weather conditions heavily affect the end result of each piece. Even after hours of snow drawing, heavy winds can blow away the footprints and destroy the entire piece. But Beck doesn’t let the weather get in his way- quite literally.

With the help of other volunteer artists, Beck has created 330 snow drawings and even showed off his skills on the beach by creating 120 masterpieces in the sand.

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A drawing in the process of being erased by the unforgiving sea

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