Artist Uses Colorful Threads To Breath New Life Into Old Photos

Ever since we entered a digital era, old photographs have slowly started to lose their place and value in the modern world. Still, there are many people who appreciate vintage photos, and fiber artist Han Cao is one of them. This Palm Springs-based artist is adding colorful threads to old photographs in order to alter and breathe new life into them.

Cao usually goes to the flea market or antique shops to find photographs that are 5×7 inches or smaller. Then she uses thread to add intricate details such as flowers or landscapes.

“There are thousands upon thousands of vintage photos stuffed inside dusty boxes at these markets—long lost and forgotten by their families, so my work is an attempt to bring them back to life and renew their stories,” the artist said to Colossal. “I’m particularly drawn to images that offer a deeper story—photographs with haunting faces and figures, simple landscapes that can be magically transformed with added dimension and color.”

Cao’s take on vintage photos is rather interesting and impressive but most importantly, her artwork keeps these memories from fading.

Check out her work in the photos below.