Artist from Arizona Transforms Pennies into Tiny Masterpieces

Most painters need a huge canvas to create a true work of art, but not Bry Marie. A single penny and some paint is all she needs to create something amazing, and the world is just starting to discover her tiny masterpieces.

According to her official website, Marie’s art is inspired by her love for painting all things tiny and she chose smaller painting surfaces to hone her eye for composition and color. Her attempt to focus on finer details eventually transformed into her true calling.

While discussing her process with Bored Panda, Marie revealed that it can take up to ten hours to complete an average penny painting. She uses oils and tiny brushes to bring them to life and prefers pennies minted before 1981 due to their higher copper content.

When you scroll through her Instagram page, you’ll stumble upon many tiny paintings of landscapes and wildlife, but Marie also uses her art to pay homage to her favorite movies and books, such as Disney’s animated classics and the Harry Potter series.

Check out some of our favorites below.