Annie Thomas’ Cartoon Transformations Made Her Super-Popular on TikTok

Annie Thomas is a woman with incredible makeup skills. She posts on social media under the handle @creative.cliche and has over 1.3million followers on TikTok and nearly 300k on Instagram. If you spend time on these social networks you’ve probably already stumbled upon her work. In case you haven’t, get ready to be amazed.

Thomas has the unique ability to transform herself into any cartoon character she wants and watching her do it on camera doesn’t take away any of the magic. In fact, we see her doing it step by step and we’re still amazed by the end result.

Thomas became famous after one of her cosplays went viral. “I originally started my Instagram to practice special effects makeup [after] being inspired by FaceOff on SYFY, but I randomly decided to do a cosplay of the character Cynthia from Rugrats,” the artist told Allure. “That post tripled my following at the time, so I switched my focus to mainly cartoons and cosplays.”

Scroll down to see some of her amazing transformations and follow her on social media to see more. We guarantee her posts will make your day!–DDFx/