Ann Carrington’s Silverware Sculptures are Out of This World

Ann Carrington has been one of Britain’s most trailblazing artists for years, and she was even commissioned by the Queen to create the Royal Jubilee Banner, but her stunning silverware sculptures are still our favorite part of her assortment.

Ever since graduating from The Royal College of Art in 1987, Carrington expressed an interest in discarded, mundane objects. She saw beauty in everything from knives and forks to barbed wire and pins and turned them into incredible works of art over the years.

Carrington used her art to shed light on everyday objects that usually get overlooked. Her stunning bouquets made with countless spoons, knives, and forks perfectly encapsulate her vision and they look so realistic you could easily confuse them with real flowers covered in metallic paint.

“When I was little I enjoyed arranging flowers. Hydrangeas were my favorite as they were like a jigsaw puzzle that could be put together to make soft pillows forms. I just tried the pillow / hydrangea/ jigsaw thing again but this time with silver spoons and a welding gun,” wrote Carrington on Instagram, explaining her process.