Animal Sculptures Created From Recycled Materials

Old or damaged CDs usually end up in the trash, which is totally normal for a technology that’s pretty much “extinct” by now. But there are still people who value this medium and they’re trying to give it a second chance. Sean E. Avery, for example, is using old CDs, not for storing information, but for creating awesome animal sculptures.

Avery is a teacher, writer, and illustrator from Perth, Australia, but he’s also a sculptor who uses old, recycled materials to create breathtaking works of art. He collects electronic waste, mostly discarded CD’s and DVD’s, and then glues them to the wire mesh frames in order to create his intricate animal sculptures.

“My sculptures are all constructed with recycled materials — old CDs, computer hard drives, etc, so I classify my work as “sustainable art.” They’re a lot of fun to make, but they take an extremely long time to finish, so I don’t do a lot of them,” the artist commented on his work.

Avery’s art shows us that every item in this world has value and purpose – we just have to be creative and discover their beauty.

Check out his sculptures of koalas, monkeys, birds and other lovely creatures in the photos below.