An Afro Pick is a Handy Tool to Have Around!

Most people think that afro picks are just a type of comb, but in reality, they can be so much more. If you’ve never needed an afro pick you might not realize how useful they really are, but they’re super cheap and easy to get at any drugstore, so pick one up and use it in these fun and handy ways!

In the Kitchen

An afro pick being used in the kitchen might sound strange, but it can really help you out if you don’t feel comfortable using a knife. Likewise, this is a great tool to have for children who want to help out in the kitchen!

All you have to do is stick the afro pick into any vegetable, fruit, or even protein and cut between the prongs! For this job, an afro pick with metal prongs is more ideal for cleaning.


Do you have a rug with fringes that always gets messed up whenever you walk over them? Well, an afro pick is about to be your new best friend. Use the pick to comb out the fringes on your rugs to make them look like new in just seconds! And for this job, you can use any type of pick.