All You Need to Do to Achieve a ’90s Blowout is Follow These Steps

Thick hair
Photo by Jon Ly on Unsplash

In case you haven’t heard, the ‘90s are back. Doc Martens, butterfly clips, and wide-legged jeans are all back in style, but the one trend we’re super excited about is the big bouncy blowout!

Effortless waves? Hair with so much volume that we can barely hear over it? Sign us up! Luckily, the sassy style is easy enough to achieve without having to locate a time machine.

Toronto-based hairstylist, Jen, has shown just how simple it can be in a video posted on Instagram. Follow these steps if you’re looking for luscious locks.

Step #1

Jen recommends starting with the front section first. Whether you have curtain bangs or not, place your brush under the area of hair by your forehead and blow dry forwards. When you’re done, you want to place the dryer below and blow dry your bangs away from your face.

Step #2

Once that section is dry, twist the hair into a pin curl and secure it atop your head using a pin or hair clip. This will help achieve that voluminous swoop we’re after.

Step #3

Roughly dry the rest of your hair until it is around 80% dry. Using a large round brush, dry the roots of your hair and make your way to the ends. For an extra bouncy look, wrap the ends around the brush to create an inward-facing curl.

Step #4

Focusing on the crown of your hair, you again want to blow dry forward. The idea is to dry the hair in the opposite direction in which it falls to achieve maximum volume. Continue doing this with the rest of the hair.