These Air Purifying Plants Are Perfect for Your Home or Office

Photo by Katja-Anna Krug on Unsplash

Plants are a perfect addition to any room. Not only they look nice and make our apartments fancier, but they can actually benefit our physical and mental health. Houseplants have a great effect on our productivity, concentration, and creativity. They are also great for reducing stress, cold, and can even help soothe a sore throat.

These are the plants that have the most beneficial effect on your body and soul.

Aloe Vera

This low-maintenance produces a clear liquid which has a lot of benefits. It’s a natural antibacterial, wound-healing remedy that you can apply as needed directly from the plant.

Garden Mum

According to the NASA research, this plant is the absolute winner when it comes to purifying the air in the room. You can plant it in the pot or outside – it blooms beautifully.

Spider Plant

If you’re extremely bad in keeping plants alive, perhaps you should give spider plant a try. All you should know is that it requires a lot of sunlight and an occasional watering.


In Asia, ficus is actually a tree. However, when you plant it in a pot and keep inside, it grows up to 10 feet and provides plenty of oxygen.