A Realistic Way to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Minimalism is supposed to free you from the burden of material possessions and make you less anxious about daily choices, but it seems like it started to go in the opposite direction since it became a trend. There is so much pressure to curate a perfect minimalist home and wardrobe that many people are replacing most of the things they own despite them being perfectly good and functional. This misses the point of minimalism completely. If you’re drawn to the idea of having a minimalist wardrobe but want to do it in a realistic way, here are our best tips.

Ban Shopping

The most essential step is to stop bringing more stuff home. Don’t do an extreme declutter which will lead to more shopping once you realize you’re left with nothing. Instead, go through your stuff and organize them so you can see how you can get more use out of what you already own.

Be Mindful

This doesn’t mean you can’t shop for anything ever. Before buying something, make sure it’s an item you really need and can use in various combinations. Whenever you can, buy an item of high quality that will last you for a long time and avoid short-term trends.


Be Patient

Don’t expect to do all this over the course of one weekend. Take your time and enjoy the process. Let it change the way you think about fashion and trends and start building the wardrobe that expresses your personal style, regardless of the trends that come and go.