8 things to NEVER wear to a wedding…

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash

Although the ‘rules’ about what you should and shouldn’t wear to a wedding have relaxed a bit in the past years, there are still a few things that are an absolute wedding no-no.

The idea is to be respectful of the people getting married and to their family and friends. Let’s look at a few things to avoid for a wedding:

Never wear white

This is one rule that hasn’t changed. Never, ever wear white to a wedding. Choose neutrals or blush instead.

No sweats

No matter how casual the wedding, avoid sweats completely. You’ll just look tacky. Try comfortable cotton.



Jeans are also far too casual. Try blue linen if you want to echo the look.


No shorts, guys

No matter how hot it is, guys should stick with pants. Try a lightweight fabric.


Cover your shoulders

Some churches require women to cover their shoulders. Take a shawl like this one.


No cargo pants

If you’re going to wear pants, avoid cargo pockets. Try a tailored pants suit instead.


Don’t ignore the dress code

If it’s a beach wedding, don’t go in a ballgown, k? Stick to the dress code on the invitation.

No rips and holes

Even if they’re intentional … just no! This is far edgier.