8 Summer Trends That Are Already All Over Instagram

If you’ve dived into the depths of your closet these days out of boredom and not knowing what more to do at home, you’ll be surprised that you can find fashion trends for Summer 2020 there! This summer, fashion will be totally retro and it’s likely you already have some of the trendy items at home, you just have to find them.

To be fair, there are a few new trends among all the retro comebacks from the 80s and 90s. The most popular one is sandals that tie around the ankle, but with the jeans tucked in. You can see how that looks below.

What do you think about these fashion comebacks? Are you ready to follow the summer trends you can see below or would you rather stick to your own style? We must admit that we already have some outfits planned and that we can’t wait to wear them outside!

Ankle Tie Sandals

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Crochet Dress

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Nowhere to be but here.

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Head Scarf


Sleeveless Top

Chain Necklaces


Midi Denim Skirt

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summer looks at home 🤷🏾

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Bra Top

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That spaghetti strap tho 🍝🤍

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Summer Suit