7 Things You Should Get Rid of if You Don’t Want Clutter

Image by oak.hill.farms/Instagram

It’s easy to go overboard when decorating your home with so many cute items available everywhere. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, we’re sure you have your favorite decorations that really just end up collecting dust. What can you do to have less clutter in your home and life? Start with these 7 ideas.

Cute Kitchen Accessories

We agree that your mugs, juice glasses and teapots are cute and functional, but do you really need a ton of them? When you have too many of these items, you usually end up using only a few and the rest just create the mess.


Couch Pillows

Too many pillows on your couch will not make you feel cozier, but rather create clutter and annoy you. Two should be enough.


Old Mementos

You don’t have an obligation to save everything. Go through your memories and get rid of everything that’s not precious or has a great emotional value.


Too Many Floating Shelves

Floating shelves seem practical at first, but if you end up hanging too many of them you’ll just use them to “organize” things you don’t actually need and can get rid of.


Decorative Table Trays

One or two of those put at the right places in your home can help you quickly organize your keys, mail, and other misc you otherwise just put anywhere. But have too many and you’ll lose focus.


Stacked Books

Is it really necessary to have books on your coffee table, next to your TV, and a couple on a nightstand? Keep your books neatly arranged on a bookshelf and your life will be easier.


Shadow Box Art

Some ideas sound great at first but fail when you actually go through with them. If you like framing cute mementos and showcasing them in your home, look closely if they are responsible for the clutter. You may want to put some away.