19 Trends You Can Either Hate or Love

Photo by sterling_beauty_tools/Instagram

Are you the one to follow every trend to come up or do you have your own style you wouldn’t change for anything? In an attempt to be original, the new trends are getting more and more bizarre. Before you see them on the streets and ask “what the heck?”, take a look at the gallery we prepared and start getting used to some unusual looks.

Feather Eyebrows


False Brows

Ear Makeup

Lollipop Lips

Unicorn Hair

Unicorn Nails

Wet Eyelids

LED Eyelashes

Dragon Brows


Glitter Body


Squiggly Lips

Squiggly Brows

Braided Brows

Reverse Eyeliner


Pom-pom Makeup

Glitter Tears

Corset Braids

Glitter Tongue

Hairy Nails