6 Tips For Returning Back to the Gym Once They Reopen

One of the hardest things for fitness lovers during the lockdown has been not being able to workout at the gym. While home workouts are a good alternative, you can’t beat the amount of equipment and weights available at the gym.

Across the country, gyms are just starting to open up and they’ll look a lot different than they did before the coronavirus. Gyms are taking precautions to limit the spread of the virus by decreasing class sizes, changing the setup of machines, spacing out lockers and showers, and cleaning the equipment. In addition to the steps being taken by the gym, here’s what you can do to stay safe when returning back to the gym.

Wear a Face Mask

Besides washing your hands, face masks are the best way to protect yourself from the coronavirus. Wear one when you check-in and any place that’s a bit more lax with social distancing restrictions.

Bring a Towel and Mat

We suggest bringing your own towel and mat instead of using the ones provided at the gym as you can ensure that it’s clean.


Wear Comfortable Clothing

While working out, it’s always best to wear clothes you are comfortable and this is especially important now as you want to avoid touching your clothes to prevent germs from spreading.


Put Your Phone Away

You’re better off not bringing your phone to the gym or storing it in your locker during your workout as you phone picks up tons of germs.

Limit Equipment Use

Gym workouts are usually better than home workouts because there are a variety of machines to use, but try and limit the amount use exercise on and no matter what, be sure to clean them before and after each use.


Check Social Media

Prior to going back to the gym, check the gym’s social media page to see if they’re taking precautions to ensure safety and social distancing. Photos that have huge group classes or people working out close to each other are indications that you shouldn’t go back just yet.