6 Summer Dress Trends You Need To Know

Summer is poking its head around the corner and with a little bit of luck, we will soon be spreading our style wings beyond our back yards. Here is a list of the summer dress trends you need to be acquainted with in 2020.

Puffed Sleeves

The puffed sleeve has seen its way through spring and into summer. Puffed sleeves and square necks remain bang on trend this season.



Funky florals are fun but neutrals are versatile and elegant. A smart neutral dress will see you through many an occasion this summer.


Pleated skirts are great and pleated dresses are better still. This dusty pink pleated dress from H&M is gorgeous in every way.


The sequined dress is back and it’s just as well too because we are excited to dress up to go out out, even when we are just hanging out in our kitchens.


Boho Fringing

Florence Welch will be your style icon this summer because boho is back. Fringes and feathery detail are the styles to watch out for as the sun comes out.

The Updated LBD

The Little Black Dress is a timeless classic. This summer, the LBD becomes our relaxation wear as well as our evening wear.