5 Veggies You Shouldn’t Store Inside Your Fridge

We tend to keep our fruits and veggies inside the fridge, in hopes they’ll last longer, but this storage hack can be counterproductive. Some of the foods you’re keeping inside actually don’t enjoy the cold temperature – including these five.


If you don’t want your tomatoes to lose their rich taste, avoid putting them inside the fridge, because they’ll be stripped off the compounds that make them so delicious.


Potatoes should be kept in a cool and dark place, and the inside of a refrigerator is just too cold for them and it may negatively impact their taste.


Uncut onions are better outside your fridge, since the humidity can turn them into a moldy and mushy mess.


It’s a waste of space to refrigerate your cucumbers, since they don’t require the cold and can develop soft spots along the way.


Certain herbs, including basil, will reap no benefits from being putt inside the fridge. Place them in a water-filled glass to keep them nice and fresh.