5 Unusual Museums You Can Only Find in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb has a lot to offer to passionate travelers in search of new adventures – especially the ones who are always in the mood for a museum visit. The Croatian capital is home to many quirky museums you can’t find anywhere else, and these five are definitely worthy of your time.

Museum of Hangovers

One of Zagreb’s latest quirky museums is a collection of objects and stories that remind people of their hilarious drunken benders.


Museum of Broken Relationships

If you want to go on an emotional rollercoaster during your visit to Zagreb, this museum is just the place.


Chocolate Museum

Chocolate museums aren’t a rarity, but if you’re a traveler with a sweet tooth, you’ll be happy to learn that Zagreb has its own.



True horror buffs won’t be able to resist visiting Museum of Torture, and seeing, touching and even trying dozens of historic instruments they have on display.


Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions grew into a successful franchise with multiple locations around the world, but the very first actually opened its doors to visitors in the Croatian capital.