5 Tips to Buying Cheap Plane Tickets

These days traveling does not have to be expensive. There are so many options, all you need is to know the right tricks. Buying cheap plane tickets is the first step to an affordable trip.

Browse in Incognito Mode

Forget about searching for flights from your regular browser. The way to go is either incognito mode or  private mode. When you do a regular search, companies have a way of knowing which flights are more popular through the cookies in your browser.

Search Through Aggregators and Flight Companies

For some tickets, flight aggregators such as Kayak, Expedia, Skyscanner will give you great prices. But in other cases, the best way to go is to look for a flight on a certain plane company. Don’t stick to Skyscanner, because you’ve had a great experience before. Make sure that you search everywhere.

Use Affordable Airlines

Airlines such as EasyJet, WizzAir, Jetblue, etc are your best friend in buying cheap plane tickets.

Buy a Group of Tickets

Getting tickets in bulk is cheaper most of the times. You can try this by searching the same flight and checking the price for one and five tickets. Chances are you will notice a huge difference.

Find the Best Day

You will notice that the tickets tend to be cheaper on certain days. When you do your search, you’ll know on which days you should book and which to avoid.