5 Tips for the Perfect Pout

Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash

Not sure what lipstick will perfect your pout? Here are 5 tips for picking your right shade.

Arm swatches

If you are not sure which shade to go for, swatch the shades you like on your arm to see which colors match well with your skin tone. This is an easy way to try out a whole load of shades without having to go through the pains of wiping each one from your lips.

Virtual Beauty counters

Download a virtual beauty counter on your phone and you can try on as many lip colors as you like without having to leave your bedroom.

Match the undertones of your skin

Take a close look at the undertones of your skin. Warm skin tones will have golden undertones whereas cool skin will have a pink or blue tinge. Match these undertones to your lipstick shade and you can’t go wrong.

Trial and error

Picking the right lipstick isn’t just about picking the right color and shade, it’s about finding a lipstick that you feel great in. It doesn’t matter if matte is in or out or if it’s all about the shine this season, try out different lipsticks until you find one that you feel fabulous wearing.