5 Tips For a More Fashionable Christmas

Tinsel is out (again) this year. Red, gold, and green will always be traditional festive colors, but if you want to stay up to date this year, blue is the color to add. Mix shades of blue with nature-inspired decorations and replace fairy lights with the warm glow of candles.  Read on for more top tips.

Feed the Senses

This Christmas is all about the senses. Think about how you can bring Christmas into your home, to stimulate all 5. Feel the warmth and visuals with candles all over the house. Bake your own Christmas treats, so your house always smells of cinnamon. And play tasteful Christmas music. Why not try creating a playlist on Spotify with all your family favorites?

Bring the Outside Inside

This Christmas design palette incorporates nature. It’s all about twigs and pine cones creating warmth and natural smells. Natural-looking ornaments are the rage, with wooden candle-holders and lanterns to complement the ensemble. Try using natural sprays to really get that outside like smell in your home.

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HOW TO CARE FOR HOLIDAY HOUSEPLANTS 💮☃️ ⠀ The holidays can be a time of stress, but your houseplants shouldn’t contribute to that. For the holiday season, your poinsettia, holiday cacti, and amaryllis only need sunlight, moisture, and proper drainage. Here is a quick guide about what your houseplants want this holiday season! ⠀ YOUR PLANT'S HOLIDAY WISHLIST ⠀ 🌞SUNLIGHT Light alone isn’t enough – your plants want and need natural light so it is key to make sure they get bright, indirect sunlight. If you’re wondering what indirect sunlight will look like, it will be bright enough to be able to read indoors without needing to squint from the brightness. Your plant should have a blurry shadow – this is a great indicator that it is getting enough indirect sunlight. ⠀ 💦WATER The top plant killer is overwatering. Considering their vulnerability because of the cold, it is very important to water your plant based on their needs. To keep from overwatering, wait for the top inch of the potting mix to be dry. When you water the plant, be sure to water the potting mix until it is moist from top to bottom and avoid watering the leaves themselves. ⠀ 💧DRAINAGE The first step to proper drainage is transferring your plant into a real flowerpot from the cellophane wrapped plastic pot it is usually purchased in. Make sure you have a saucer to place under your flowerpot’s drainage hole to prevent any furniture stains. ⠀ #nataliapricerealtor #christmasplants #realtorlawrenceks #christmas #flowers #christmastree #design #blog #estate #realestatelawrenceks #ku #tuesday #december

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Blue Blue Blue

Think of the rich shades of blue that can bring your Christmas decorations to life. Whether blue ribbons, blue wrapped presents under the tree or blue decorations, blue is the color this year. From midnight blues to pale sky, all shades are to be utilized.

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It’s now time to be able to post Christmas photos in full force and not get any flack from peeps saying it’s too early! 😜It’s my first real Holiday photo of the season! 🎄I love all of my Christmas trees but wanted to do something different, unique, and special in my bedroom this year. I wanted to do something I don’t really see a lot so I took a risk and decided to embrace my complete obsession with blue and do a blue tree! 💙I was a little apprehensive when it first came but waited to see what it would look like after I was done decorating it. It may not be for everyone, but I am IN LOVE with it! When I walk into the room now, I let out a little gasp of delight! 🥰It really gave me the uniqueness I was craving! Dare to be different and do what you love! You can shop all the trees @kingofchristmas with discount code: MK_INTERIORS_ Let me say for the first time this year: Merry Christmas!! 💙🎄💙 Ornaments from @frontgate and are the indigo collection. All mouth blown glass and will take your breath away. I have a swipe up to tree & ornaments in my stories! . . . . . . . #christmasdecor #christmasdecorating #holidaydecor #holidaydecorating #christmastree #bluechristmas #blueandwhiteforever #interiordesign #interiordesigner #homedecor #homedecorating #mybhg #bhghome #southernlivingmag #countrylivingmag #myhousebeautiful #mytradhome #luxemagazine #thewelldressedhouse #hgtvmag #bhghowiholiday #contemporarydecor #transitionaldesign #christmas

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Table Decorations

The natural look and feel can also be added to your Christmas table centerpiece. Mix eucalyptus with a few branches of holly berries, to give an elegant feel with a rich aroma. Add a few candles to bring extra warmth.

Be Bold

This is the year you can be confident in mixing and matching bold prints and designs. A combination of textures, big polka and lines can add warmth and color when it’s cold outside. Go glam, be boho. Bold is the way to go this year.