5 Things You Should Always Bring Along When Staying at a Hostel

Photo by Nicate Lee on Unsplash

Hostels are an extremely popular option with travelers who have a tight budget, but there’s a long list of luxuries they don’t provide. Here’s a couple of tiny essentials you should always bring with you so you wouldn’t have to pay extra at the hostel reception.


Make sure to pack a bag of travel toiletries before embarking on your trip, since it’s highly unlikely you’ll get them for free at your hostel.



The majority of affordable hostels charge extra for towels, so try to always bring your own to avoid their pricy rental fees.


Flip Flops

If you’re renting a room in the dorm, you’ll end up sharing the bathroom with other guests, so it’s always safe to shower in a pair of flip flops you brought along.


Getting a good night’s sleep at a hostel can be tricky, so make sure to pack a pair of earplugs so other guests wouldn’t disturb you at night.


Padlocks are another tiny necessity hostels often rent for an extra fee, and you’ll need one to secure your belongings inside a locker if you’re not alone in your room.