5 Signs You’re Working Out Too Hard

Did you know that there’s such things as exercising too hard? Working out is really good for your mental and physical health, but when taken to the extreme it can negatively effect you. These are the five signs you may be overexercising and that it’s time to cut back on your workout.


You’re Constantly Sore or Have Injuries

Feeling sore after a tough workout is normal, especially when you’re new to working out or trying a new exercise. Over time, you should become more used to the exercise, and it should become less painful. If you’re always sore or injured, you’re damaging your muscles and it’s time to try a new exercise or to tone things down.


Rapid Weight Loss

One of the many reasons people choose to exercise is to loose weight, but if you lose too quickly, it’s not healthy. A healthy amount of weight to lose is one to two pounds a week and if you’re losing more than that, start eating more and reducing your cardio.

Changes in Appetite

Usually, when you start working out, you’ll notice you’re hungrier, but if you feel nauseates after exercising, decrease your intensity or take rest days. If you feel like you’re overeating following a workout, decrease your workout a bit.



You may find that you have a harder time falling asleep after working out and it’s due to hormonal changes—your brain has a hard time telling your body it’s bedtime. Before cutting back on your workouts, check how much caffeine you’re consuming.


Exercise is a great tool for managing anxiety and depression, but sometimes, it has the opposite effect on your body and can put you in a state of psychological arousal which makes your body feel tired.