5 Self-Care Tips During This Stressful Time

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With our social media being blown up by concern around the coronavirus and being out from work or working from home, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with what’s happening around us. Being stuck in your apartment can get lonely, but there are things you can do to keep your mental health in check during this time.

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I’ve been intentionally quiet on Instagram this week-just taking some space to process all that’s happening in our world right now. I know it feels like a scary, tense times for many-things are shifting quickly and lots of folx are feeling unsafe and out of control. As a highly sensitive person, an introvert, an empath and a therapist, I’ve been a little overwhelmed myself, mostly in terms of wanting so badly to support others during this tough time. I’ve also been reflecting on all of the ways in which my privilege protects me from some of the hard aspects of this health scare and collective trauma, and figuring out how best to help from my place of privilege-which I feel is important to be doing. So, I don’t have too much to say-today I just thought I’d share some ideas for self-care during tough times. It’s often hard to focus on ourselves and meeting our needs when we are stressed out, overwhelmed, panicked (especially if dieting and people-pleasing have led us away from recognizing our own needs and bodily cues). This is also when self-care can be most critical. If you’re someone who struggles to identify what you need to feel safe when you are anxious, distracted or frightened, this is a gentle invitation to turn inwards and reflect on that-and maybe take a look at this list to get some ideas, if you can’t think of any yourself. I know many people are really busy right now, but remember that taking 5 minutes here and there to check in with yourself and engage in a self-care activity or two can still be really powerful. Not all of these will work for you, of course-self-care is a personal thing, so take what works and leave the rest. And please, be as gentle as you can with yourself right now-anything you are feeling is valid, and you continue to be absolutely worthy, just as you are. Take care of yourselves, so we can take care of each other! This is a hard time-and we have been through hard times before; we can do hard things. Also, as a reminder-I offer tele-therapy and virtual sessions through my private practice for clients in Maryland, so if you’re feeling like you could use some support right now, please feel free to reach out so we can connect.

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Stay Connected

It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re quarantined inside your small apartment, but technology can help you feel more connected to friends, family, and coworkers. Just keep in mind that you’re not going through it alone and your loved ones are only a text, email, or phone call away.

Do What Makes You Happy

Use your time off to try a new recipe you’ve been meaning to try or to catch up on a television show you haven’t had the time to watch. When you’re feeling stressed; turn to something you know will make you happy.

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Você também gosta de documentários?🎥🎬 ㅤ Eu AMO 😍 ㅤ E aproveitando que hoje é sábado e aqui no sul tá um frio horrível 😫 que tal umas dicas de Documentários bons, daqueles que podem mudar a nossa vida?👇 ㅤ Segue a listinha da Mi “6 documentários que podem mudar sua vida, se você quiser, claro 😜 . 1. O segredo – clássico, né? Esse eu vi quando eu tinha uns 16 anos e ele me ajudou a lidar melhor com a minha depressão, além de uma série de outras coisas incríveis que aconteceram comigo, por isso, eu sempre o recomendo. ㅤㅤ 2. Minimalism – documentário sobre o estilo de vida minimalista. Pra quem deseja ter uma vida essencialista. ㅤ 3. Happy – qual é o segredo da felicidade? Através de histórias de pessoas simples ao redor do mundo vamos conhecer formas diferentes de se viver. ㅤ 4. Tony Robbins: eu não sou o seu guru – esse é pancada. Bem no meio da cara, pra acordar pra vida, meeeeesmo! Acredito que possa ser um ótimo documentário pra vocês. ㅤ 5. Brené Brown: the call to courage – autora do livro “A coragem de ser imperfeito” Brené, nessa palestra fala sobre a importância de superar medos e expectativas para viver com coragem, comprometimento e propósito. Que mulherão da po#ra! ㅤ 6. Cosmos – eu queria ser astronauta quando eu era criança 😑 e vi cosmos pela primeira vez com o icônico Carl Sagan, o que me fazia amar cada vez mais a astronomia – Mas essa nova aventura pelo Universo e a qualidade apresentada foi surreal! Com imagens, sons e sensações totalmente novas, você pode sair transformado depois dos 13 episódios (tá, eu trapaceei, essa é uma série, mas é maravilhosa e vale total o seu tempo!)😘 ㅤ Depois que você assistir algum deles me conta o que achou. ㅤ Ah, e tem praticamente todos na Netflix, acredito que somente Cosmos não está no catálogo dela (Tia @netflixbrasil bem que podia né?)🤩

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Stay Calm

Meditation, mindfulness, and exercise will help you relieve your anxiety. Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep and you’re eating well.


Keep Yourself Busy

Make yourself busy with positive distractions like organizing your closet, trying a new craft, or reading a book. Instead of worrying about what’s going on around you, you’ll be focusing on something productive.

Set Boundaries With Social Media

While it’s important to stay up to date on what’s happening, getting constant reminders from anxious friends and family notifications will drive you crazy. Give yourself some offline time to reset and ground yourself.