5 Reasons You Might Be Tired (Other Than Lack of Sleep)

Photo by Tony Tran on Unsplash

Many of us suffer from fatigue at some point or another and often, we accept it as a fact of modern life. Fortunately, feeling tired all the time is not inevitable. Here are some reasons you may be feeling tired that aren’t related to how many hours of sleep you get per night.

Vitamin Deficiency

If you are not getting the right nutrition in your diet, this can lead to vitamin deficiencies. In addition to fatigue, being deficient in B12, for example, can lead to memory problems and hair loss.

Mental Health Issues

Fatigue is a symptom of both anxiety and depression. If you have been feeling stressed recently, take time to check in on your mental health and monitor your energy levels closely.

Not Being Active Enough

Do you remember how sleepy you felt during lockdown? Being inactive is a major cause of fatigue. Ironically, the more energy you use throughout the day, the more energy you have.

You’re Not Getting Good Quality Sleep

Even if you get eight hours sleep per night, if it is not good quality sleep, it is unlikely you will wake up feeling refreshed. You can improve your sleep quality by doing things like avoiding screens before bed, having your last meal a couple of hours before bed, and making sure the lights are off at night.

You Are Choosing The Wrong Snacks

Sugary foods cause a spike in your blood sugar. When your blood sugar crashes, your energy levels plummet. If you rely on sugary snacks to get you through the day, this could be why you find yourself feeling sleepy half an hour after you’ve eaten.