5 Men’s Trench-Coats You Need to Buy This Winter

Photo by Viktor Juric on Unsplash

When fashion authorities are asked the best warm pieces for winter, the trench coat always comes up. First designed for British and French soldiers in World War I, the trench coat has become a fashion icon. Both men and women can style it on, stay warm and look good wherever they travel.

Burberry Trench Coat

The Burberry trench coat is named after its inventor, a British fashion mogul who designed the coat for World War I soldiers. The trench coat was popularized by the veterans who continued wearing it after the war. That and the growth of the Burberry brand helped us have the stylish men’s coat that comes in a variety of colors.

Double Breasted Trench Coat

Almost every trench-coat retailer has the double-breasted mode. It’s the most common trench coat, thanks to the ubiquitous waist belt and a wide array of designs. The double-breasted coat also represents elegance, all while looking classic.

Softly Belted

While the Burberry trench coat represents a classic look, the softly belted coat represents an elegant modern style. The coat often lacks buttons and is held together by a belt. Additionally, softly belted trench coats also tend to be oversized and overly long.

Cropped Trench Coat

Defying the traditional length of trench-coats, this model ends at the waistline. It’s mostly common with women. It’s less cumbersome and doesn’t hold the statement made by regular trench coats. The cropped trench coat is great if you love simple fashion trends while still having a piece that will keep you warm this winter.

Bold Color Trench Coats

Traditionally, trench coats came in khaki colors. These days, trench coats come in all colors. If you love military green, beige, grey or white, you can find a coat you love. Of course, bold color trench coats require that you match them accordingly.