5 Fun, Social Distancing Activities

Although you may not be able to see your friends right now, there are so many fun ways to stay connected with them remotely. Staying in touch with your friends can help you feel less alone during these difficult times. You’ve probably already FaceTimed your friends, but there are so many other online activities you can do during social distancing. These are five to try out!

Cooking Competition

Organize a cook-off with your friends over Zoom where you pick four ingredients from your pantry. The winner is based on presentation and creativity because obviously you can’t taste each other’s creations.


Exercise Sessions

If you miss your workout buddy, there’s no better way to still get an exercise session than doing it through FaceTime. Of course, you can workout together through Instagram Live or Zoom with an instructor if this is more your speed.

Group Crossword Puzzle

Set up a morning routine where you and your friends do the New York Times crossword puzzle through video chat.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is one of the best things to come from the coronavirus! You can still have your movie night and yell at the screen while holding a big bowl of popcorn, just like you normally would do.


Start a Book Club

Take a break from Netflix and dive into a great book. You can start a virtual book club online which helps you stay social and you’ll get excited about reading. Don’t forget to pour a glass of wine for your meetups!