5 Food Trends to Look for in 2018

Image via grill_lovers1/Instagram

Food may be a necessity for us all, but for some people (foodies, chefs, critics) food can be a form of art, but also life itself. This special category of diners will be excited to learn about the top 5 food trends that are bound to hit your table come 2018:

An abundance of Middle Eastern fare

Keep your eye out for tangy delicacies from Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, and more.


Fizzy drinks are all the rage

Move over, LaCroix—crafted soft drinks and kombucha are about to proliferate the beverage market.


Street food beyond the actual street

Tasty handheld bites are going from hipsterdom to the mainstream.

Peruvian food migrates northward

Take your pick from an influx of new Peruvian chef restaurants around the country.


Whole animals and veggies

Cook and embrace less considered parts of animals and veggies, such as shoulder tender and broccoli stems.