4 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Healthy Oatmeal

Photo by Margarita Zueva on Unsplash

Oatmeal is a one of the most popular breakfast foods that’s healthy, nutritious and very comforting. In case you love eating this cozy meal every morning, here are a few common mistakes to avoid in order to prepare healthy oatmeal every single time.

Too much sugar

Adding too much sugar to oatmeal is one of the most common mistakes people make. Try avoiding sugar by adding natural sweeteners like honey, cinnamon or fresh fruits such as banana or mango.

Too Many Toppings

Even if you choose the healthiest toppings for your oatmeal such as nuts or berries, adding too many will turn your breakfast into a calories bomb and you certainly don’t want that.

Not Adding Protein

Don’t forget to add protein-rich foods to your oatmeal such as nuts, seeds nut butter or Greek yogurt. That’s why it’s important to pack protein into oatmeal by adding, or other protein-rich topping.

Instant Oatmeal

Store-bought oatmeal is usually high in artificial sweeteners and less healthy compared to classic homemade oatmeal. Even though it’s a bit more time-consuming, preparing homemade oatmeal is the best way to eat a healthy and nutritious meal.