4 Ways to Craft For a Cause

When many of us start crafting we have more finished products than we know what to do with. Crafting can be more than just a hobby that’s good for your mind and body, it can actually be used to help others. Here are four causes that you can donate your crafts to.

Raise Awareness About Heart Disease

The American Heart Foundation recently launched Little Hats, Big Hearts, a campaign that provides newborns with red hats to help spread awareness about heart disease and congenital heart defects. To be able to donate to the cause you need to use cotton or acrylic red yarn that’s medium to heavyweight and machine washable.

Blankets For Children

Karen Loucks started Project Linus, a nonprofit that gives handmade blankets to children in hospitals and shelters throughout the United States. They also have knit and crochet patterns in tons of different sizes that you can choose from.

Scarves For the Homeless

Maybe you’ve come across scarves wrapped around trees and thought they were there by mistake. Community groups and churches started leaving handmade scarves in public areas with notes attached to help keep homeless people warm during the winter and you can donate scarves to help out this project.


Help Dogs Get Adopted

You’ve probably heard that black dogs have difficulty getting adopted and to deal with this issue, volunteers are knitting jumpers, sweaters, and hats to help all dogs find their forever homes. What’s cuter than seeing a dog in one of your creations?