3 Ways to Feel Expensive Without Spending Extra Money

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Happiness doesn’t come directly from having money, but from what you do with it. And while money is great for buying all kinds of stuff that make your life easier, if you want to feel rich without spending extra money, here are our best tips.

Clean Your Home

When your home is clean and free from clutter, you’ll instantly feel better and even richer. You know how rich people have someone to keep their home clean at all times? If you don’t want or don’t have money to spend on that, do it yourself and enjoy the result!

Buy Intentionally

Avoid buying a lot of things that only make your home cluttered. Carefully research your purchases and only buy things you know you’ll use and love for a long time. For example, it’s better to have 1 great bag than 10 cheap ones that you don’t really love just for the sake of having a lot of them.


Have a Hobby

You will feel richer if you find time in your day to do something you love. Crashing on the couch after work and watching Netflix for hours is the opposite of what you want! Your hobby doesn’t have to be expensive, but spending time on it will give you so much pleasure.