3 Useful Tips For Exploring New Cities in 24 Hours or Less

We’d all like to spend more time than we have on our hands to explore a new city and see its every corner, but that rarely happens. Most travelers have a pretty tight schedule, and sometimes can only spend a single day in a new place – but don’t let that stop you from seeing every attraction from your bucket list.

Do Your Research

Don’t make plans as you go along if you know your time is limited. Do proper research long before embarking on your journey, know how much time it takes to reach each of the attractions on your list, and figure out when you’re going to take a break.


Set Your Priorities Straight

The attractions you’re checking out should be in close proximity to each other. If you want to see something that’s located far away from the main area you’re visiting, see if you can travel there by public transportation and make sure you’re not going to the other side of the city for a single attraction.


No Long Lines

24 hours is enough to scratch the surface by seeing the main spots, but you have to come to terms with the fact you won’t see everything that’s worth seeing. Attractions with long waiting lines are a luxury you can’t afford, and exploring their exterior is the best you can do in a single day.