3 Types of Photos You Can Delete from Your Phone Right Now

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Your phone is probably filled with thousands of photos and videos you want to organize, but you just can’t find time for it.

Before you even think about transferring them to your PC or laptop to store them, you need to delete the ones you don’t need. Here are three categories to start with.

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Go through your screenshot album and delete everything you don’t need anymore. Screenshots are usually things you needed at some point but there’s no reason to keep them forever.

Temporary Files

If you’ve taken pictures of things you needed to remember in the short-term, such as shopping lists, where you’ve parked, notes you needed, you can delete them and make room for more important things on your phone.

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Series of Same Photos

How many times have you taken 10+ photos of the same thing, whether it’s a selfie or a group photo, so you can pick the best one? Do that; pick the best one and delete the rest, there’s really no reason to hold on to them.