3 Reasons to Spend the Holidays in Barcelona

Photo by Arturo Martinez on Unsplash

Spending holidays in one of the amazing European cities sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? If you’re not yet sure if you should do it, here are three reasons to visit Barcelona around the holidays.

Nice Weather

Barcelona has a moderate climate with winter daily temperatures around 50°F, which means the weather is usually perfect for walking around all day long. Make sure to bring a jacket and warm shoes and enjoy sightseeing!

No Crowds

If you decide to visit Barcelona during the winter, the city will be less crowded and many things will be cheaper. Instead of sweating while waiting in lines during summer, you’ll have a much nicer experience whether you decide to visit the museums, entertainment parks, restaurants, or something else.


Great Food

Mediterranean cuisine is amazing all year long, but when it’s too hot during summer, you don’t always feel like eating. Colder weather is actually perfect for exploring the rich food culture in Barcelona, a city with numerous incredible restaurants. Our recommendation is local food paired with a glass of sangria!