3 Tips for the Perfect Homemade Manicure

Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

No matter if you’re staying at home these days or have to go to work, having neat and pretty nails can make all the difference in how you feel. But if you’re used to doing a manicure at a salon, you probably need a few tips for how to successfully replicate the result at home.


Base and Top Coat

Make sure to have these two bottles on hand because they will make all the difference in how your nails will look. The base coat is great for preventing your nails from going yellow due to dark polishes, and the top coat makes the color stay longer on your nails without chipping.

Applying Polish

The proper way to apply nail polish is in a thin layer, ideally in just three strokes. Never apply a thick layer, instead, if you need more coverage, opt for two or three thin layers.


Nail Care

Use the nail file to shorten your nails when necessary, but file them in one direction to prevent splitting. Your nail polish remover should be acetone-free and with added oils, if possible. Use nail oil to soften the cuticles before gently pushing them back instead of cutting them.