3 Tips for Having a Perfectly Curated Makeup Bag

Photo by Allie on Unsplash

Decluttering and organizing your possesions is an activity that must be repeated from time to time, depending on how often you shop for new things. When it comes to makeup, sometimes it’s too easy to get new shiny things only to realize you don’t actually like them that much.  Here’s how to curate the perfect small makeup collection.


Consider Colors

If you keep buying red lipsticks but only wear nudes, perhaps it’s time to admit that your taste has changed. You don’t have to throw out those you have, but your everyday collection probably shouldn’t have colors you don’t actually wear every day.

The Ultimate Palette

You can create the ultimate palette and use every single color from it if you buy singles and put them all in the same place. You’ll never want to buy a palette someone else created again. Let’s face it, how many colors from your palettes do you actually use?

Don’t Forget Brushes

You don’t need a ton of brushes in order to get a flawless look day after day. We’re sure you have your favorites by now so set everything else aside and see how the small brush collection is working for you. Don’t forget to regularly wash them!