3 Things That Drain Your Phone Battery

Photo by Yura Fresh on Unsplash

The more powerful smartphone you have, the quicker its battery will drain. Is there anything you can do about it? When you know the exact source of the problem you may do some things to solve it and help the battery last a bit longer. Here are things that affect your battery life the most.


Phones with big screens typically have bigger batteries to compensate that. That’s because the screen needs the most power in order to provide you all those gorgeous colors in apps, photos, and videos. If you want to save battery life, you can reduce the brightness.


Newer phones have amazing cameras that allow you to make perfect photos and videos, but it comes with a cost. When you film a lot, you may notice your battery getting empty quicker so have a charger at hand.

Internet Connection

Your phone’s battery will drain much faster if you use mobile data, so make sure you’re on WiFi when you can or turn the internet connection off if you want to save some battery life before charging. No need to refresh your social media feeds as you’re walking down the street!