3 Key Wardrobe Pieces to Make You Look Taller

Photo by Jordan Nix on Unsplash

Petite ladies rejoice! No matter how short you are, everybody can look taller by visually elongating the line of their body. These three clothing and accessory items are going to make a huge difference in helping you achieve the right illusion to make you look skyscraper tall.

Nude Shoes

The longer you can make the line of your legs look, the taller you’ll appear. One of the best ways to achieve this is to wear nude shoes, which will create the illusion of your legs extending all the way down to your feet. Whether you choose nude heels, booties, sandals, or even flats, they’ll give you a few extra inches of visual height.


High-Waisted Bottoms

Just like nude shoes, high-waisted bottoms make you look taller by adding a few extra inches to the visual line of your legs. With high-waisted pants, shorts, or skirts, your legs will look like they start all the way up at your waist.


Pointed-Toed Shoes

One more way to add a few extra centimeters of height to your leg is to wear pointed shoes, which create an elongating look. This is in contrast to square- or round-toed shoes, which can make your legs look stubbier and you shorter.