3 Brand New Netflix Shows You Should Check Out This Month

Netflix is constantly giving us amazing new shows to watch, and they won’t be taking a break this month. If you already binged every series on your watch list, here’s a couple of new ones you should check out in July.

The Baby-Sitters Club (July 3)

The Baby-Sitters Club has already been adapted on several occasions, but this seems like its most promising reboot so far. It follows five middle-schoolers who start a babysitting business in their home town—but in a modern setting.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron (July 10)

It’s been about a year since Zac Efron gave us a new movie, and we finally know why. He’s been busy exploring the world and expanding his horizons, and we’ll get to see it all in this docu-series.

Cursed (July 17)

Katherine Langford reunited with Netflix for this retelling of the legend about King Arthur’s ancient sword. Cursed centers on a young heroine, Nimue, who helps him on his quest to find Excalibur.