3 Bracelet Styles to Try This Season

Photo by Thea Hdc on Unsplash

Bracelets can often get overlooked in the jewelry box, but adding some bling to your wrists can really heighten a look and lend a sense of polish and professionalism. Check out these three key styles, which will elevate your look and go with all outfits.

Bead Bonanza

A classy bead bracelet is the perfect mix of fun and sophistication. Choose beads of high quality (ideally made of glass, metal, or shell, rather than plastic) and check that the colors work well together. These bracelets are often elasticated, meaning they can be popped onto the wrist almost as an afterthought, but do be aware that with frequent use the elastic can weaken and loosen over time. You may wish to choose a wire bead bracelet with a clasp, which will be more long-wearing.

Stylish Simplicity

The flash of a gold or silver chain on the wrist can look effortlessly pretty and interesting. These bracelets are also often very light and easy to wear, meaning you won’t feel weighed down if you’re using your hands to type throughout the day. Add some simple sparkle, in the form of a few subtle crystals, or stick with a plain chain for old-fashioned cool.

Bangle Beauty

Bangles are a touch weightier than most chain bracelets and can look excellent styled alone or paired with other bracelet styles. A simple stone set into the center of the bangle can draw the eye, or choose a stunning hammered gold or silver bangle for a timeless look.