3 Beauty Hacks For Active People

Working out is amazing for many reasons but your face and hair definitely don’t look their best after it. If you want to squeeze in a workout in your schedule after which you need to look presentable (before work, lunch break), here are our best tips.


Remove Makeup

Don’t apply any makeup before working out, or if you’ve already applied it, take it off. Your skin will sweat anyway and it’s much better to remove all the products that may clog your pores when combined with sweat. It’s best if you can wash your face before and after workout. If needed, you can apply light makeup afterwards.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can save your day, but make sure to apply it before you start working out. That way, it will be able to absorb sweat and grease that accumulates during the workout, leaving you with clean-ish hair that you can quickly style and move on with your day.


Low-Maintenance Looks

Your beautifully styled hair will likely lose volume after a workout, so consider going for something a bit lower maintenance in the morning. A low bun with a few loose strands and light makeup are a great way to look fresh even if you’ve just finished a workout session.