You’ll Love These Chic Small Bathroom Designs

Not everyone is blessed with a huge bathroom, but who says that small bathroom designs can’t be modern and chic. To help you out with your interior design ideas, we decided to round up the coolest bathrooms we could find on Instagram.

Rustic Feels

Even a small bathroom can look fabulous if you know the right way to decorate it. Opt for rustic-inspired tiles for the floor, and a great bathtub that will be in the center of attention.


A very minimalist bathroom can still be modern and beautiful. This one mixes wooden elements with a pop of gold and very simple white tiles. There is no need to overthink since such a basic combo works wonders for small spaces.

Dark Lux

You can choose a dark color for a small bathroom and make it this luxurious. You will need statement tiles and keep the rest of the details very simple.

Turquoise Glam

This is one of the coolest small bathroom designs we’ve seen in a while. It proves that color is the way to go if you want the room to stand out. Turquoise can be tricky, but mixed with very simple elements it will turn out a great idea.