You’ll Know These Struggles if You Have Long Nails

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/REX/Shutterstock (8861723da)

You don’t realize how much long nails can mess up with your daily life until you have them. So many things that we routinely do become practically impossible with a perfect manicure. Here are some of them.

Handling Jewelry

Small earrings and delicate bracelets require more time than doing makeup.

Silent Typing

You may want to type out a text discreetly, but your nails will betray you by making a sound with every touch.

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"Where are you?"

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Getting Your Card From an ATM

It’s not bad enough that you need to hurry so the card wouldn’t go back in, but the people behind you are starting to get impatient.

Buttoning a Shirt

The easiest thing in the world, right? Not if you have long nails.