You Need Spirulina In Your Beauty Routine

All The Reasons Why You Need Spirulina In Your Beauty Routine
Image via bio_zone/Instagram

Spirulina is the next big thing in beauty. This magical substance can help your body and skin in so many ways. It is made of blue-green algae which live in subtropical climates. You can get it in your closest supermarket and is today considered to be a superfood. Here are some of the benefits of this green powder that will make you include it in your beauty routine.

Fights Acne

If you’ve been struggling with skin problems, especially acne, you can try fighting them with the help of spirulina. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which make the perfect combo. The antioxidants fight the damaging free radicals and help with detoxification. Thanks to these effects, your skin will have a much faster metabolism.

Anti-Aging Effect

The Vitamin E in spirulina, combined with selenium and tyrosine are extremely successful in fighting the signs of aging. For that super-youthful, radiant skin, you can try making a face mask with the powder once a week. All you need is the algae and water, to make a paste that will completely change the way you see face masks.

Hair Growth

Long and healthy dreamy hair is all that women want. Thanks to these algae you will notice your hair grow much faster than usual. It will have that special natural shine that you’ve been trying to achieve with many chemicals.